5 of the Internal Revenue Service Website's Most Helpful Tools

 Photo Courtesy: shapecharge/Getty Images

Even for experts, taxes can get complicated — so you’re not alone in feeling a bit of apprehension over making sure you file everything correctly when tax time rolls around. In fact, taxes’ reputation is so well known that even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) — the government agency that’s responsible for collecting and processing tax payments — has added helpful content to its website to make various processes a little easier for everyone. Whether it’s your first time filing taxes or your twentieth, the IRS website is full of resources to benefit you, from succinct information about forms to details about filing requirements and everything in between.

Although it’s a relatively user-friendly website, the sheer volume of information available at IRS.gov can make it easy to miss important features you’ll want to learn about before you file — and it’s never too early to get started in your research. Below, we’re discussing some of the IRS website's most helpful tools that make the process of filing and understanding taxes much easier.