How to Create a Household Budget Form

Photo Courtesy: PeopleImages/Getty Images

Budgeting is a pretty consistent buzzword in the world of personal finance — but there’s a good reason for that. Your budget is the financial foundation you need to build to learn how to manage your money before you begin pursuing other financial goals. And creating a budget can help you reach a wide number of your financial goals, too. From saving for a down payment on a new home to paying off debts like student loans, a budget is an amazing tool to help you plan out and track (or even minimize) your spending. After creating a budget, you may be surprised to see where your money’s going — but you’ll be glad you found out.

The hardest part about budgeting is actually getting started for most people; questions like "what should a beginner budget look like?" and "what is a balanced budget?" make this entire process seem very daunting. Today, we’ll show you how to get started by creating a household budget form that breaks down your finances into different categories for housing, transportation, utilities, and more. You’ll be one step closer to reaching your financial goals after you create this form.