Build a Better Budget With These 5 Hacks From Extreme Couponers

 Photo Courtesy: SDI Productions/E+/Getty Images

If you've started to get serious about achieving and maintaining good financial health, you’ve heard about how it’s important to save money. Whether you’re planning to pay down debt with it or save it for retirement, keeping as much of your hard-earned cash as possible in your own hands is key for helping you reach those goals. Budgeting is one way to not only help you see where you’re spending your money but to also identify areas where you can start saving.

When it comes to saving, perhaps nobody knows how to do it better than extreme couponers — you know the people featured on reality shows who, by clipping the right coupons and shopping the right sales, manage to pay just a few cents for hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries. It’s true that they do go to what some of us might call excessive lengths to spend less by using coupons and finding the best deals.

But the various techniques these intrepid shoppers use don't only have to apply to couponing — they can also apply to the discipline and practice of budgeting. And using them will take you further on the road to financial health as you track what you're spending and reel in extra costs.