What Business Courses Are Available Free Online?

Photo Courtesy: Solskin/DigitalVision/Getty Images

With the rise in unemployment and the surge in demand for virtual education in the U.S., more people than ever before are turning to online sources to bolster their skills through free online business courses. In most cases, these courses offer set timelines for completion, but they also usually have some schedule flexibility built in to help you work around other commitments. They don’t cost any money to take, but they can help you learn many valuable skills to apply in your future or current career.

Need some examples? If you’re feeling motivated to start your own business, Udemy has a free course that covers the steps for developing your business model, including creating a business plan and researching the landscape for your type of business. Another important player in the market, Udacity, offers a substantial number of free business-related courses to help you expand your knowledge and training but doesn’t provide certifications for free course completions.

All across the internet, surprising numbers of organizations offer free online business courses, including colleges, universities, private companies, nonprofits and groups of entrepreneurs. Depending on the skill or knowledge you want to gain and the developer of the course, these free online options could include several virtual lectures per week at regular times, a single lengthy session that takes place all at once, or assignments that can be completed at your own pace as long as you meet a final deadline.